Some of the Story

My journey as a song writer started after my sister Kim found a poem that was written in my Grandmothers autograph book. The poem was written by my Grandfather while they were still dating in 1933. Kim later made a Valentine’s Day card using their poem. My wife then hung this card in our bedroom. Seeing it day after day got me thinking about how special something hand written can become over time and how it can influence well beyond its initial intent. It also made me realize that I had never written my wife a letter. There are so many things I always thought to say. I always had the “Best Intentions”. My co-writer William Aronson was very instrumental in getting me to write my first song. It started with Bill, asking, “So what would you say?”

The song “It was 1933” uses my Grandfathers Poem to my Grandmother. A poem about “Two Hearts of Gold”, starting a life together and dreaming about growing old together. That was the plan! Because of this poem; a poem that could have very easily never been found, never shared, and never passed on. A poem that inspired a Granddaughter to share their love for one another in a Valentine’s Day card, and inspired a Grandson to write his first song “Best Intentions”, 80 years after the poem was first written. Twenty five years after the passing of my Grandfather, we were able to do one more thing together. We wrote a song. His part was written to his true Love, dated “March 19, 1933,” my part, inspired by their Poem and their love July of 2013.

At a family gathering I had played “Best Intentions” for my family. My sister Kim asked if I was working on any other songs. I talked about the outline of what I wanted to accomplish with “It Was 1933”. Grandpa’s part had been done for a while. My part was a work in progress. A few days later my brother Tim called. He wanted to share some thoughts he had written while at a family vacation place the year that our Uncle Walter had passed away. Tim said to me “I want to read you what I wrote while I was at the lake, just in case there was a song in there.” He wrote about how he felt while at the lake and some of the lakes family history. Our Great Uncle Teddy had bought some land with some cabins at a lake in Vermont around 1946. A place he wanted to share with his Family. So far five generations have enjoyed the lake at one time or another. A few days after listening to my brother talk, and reminiscing, “Since 1946” was born. These songs are stories that I have shared with friends over the years. I hope these songs help bring you back to places you have been.


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