Best Intentions

The Ripple Effect of Best Intentions – Elise B.                                                                                      

The stories in these songs center around the power of revealing what can make us the most vulnerable. How often do we feel love or gratitude or admiration, yet we leave it all unsaid? In Jeff Lohan’s song collection, Best Intentions, expression of love and promise get a rare moment to ripple out to the next generation. The catalyst for it all comes from a poem the storyteller’s grandfather wrote for his future wife while still a young man, mentioned in the song, “It was 1933.” The poem was discovered by chance in the attic. “1933” celebrates its promise, a promise enduring throughout the lives of this couple.

Lohan’s song collection gives philosophical thought to what we as human beings can take for granted. The storyteller considers the beautiful, fleeting moments that make life worthwhile and shares them. He shares them with his wife and with his family and friends as they reminisce about people, places and days. He shares them with us. Much in the style of Harry Chapin or James Taylor, Lohan tells us a story through his collection, revealing the “best intentions” within us all to dream, to hope, to tell those we love what they mean to us. The message becomes even more powerful upon realizing that some family collaboration took place to write the songs. Fortunately for us Best Intentions takes the leap to celebrate the joys of life in its many forms. Rather than have it sit in a box left unread, Lohan risks sharing what is in his heart while he can. After a close listen I feel changed.


A man and his guitar – George A                                                                                                         

Jeff Lohan’s debut album is just simply beautifully composed. It breaks it down to the simplicity of a man his guitar and proves sometimes that’s all you really need. From the production side all the way through to the arrangements and lyrics on this album, gives you the traditional singer/songwriter vibe similar to what you would hear from artists like Jim Croce, James Taylor, and Gordon Lightfoot just to name a few, but also proves to be current at the same time.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff and watch him perform live and really have been affected by his music, especially “Best Intentions”. That song alone has sat in my own thoughts and pleasantly never escaped my head since the first time I’ve heard it. I really appreciate how his songs are written from his own experiences and translated into beautiful melodies to share with his audience. Currently his debut album is in a strong rotation at night when I am putting my son to bed and has not come close to overstaying its visit to date. In closing, this album is, in my opinion, a fresh breath of air that leaves me wanting to hear more and anticipate future recordings from him.


A Nice Relaxing Mood

Jeff,  I have to say I really liked your CD.  Guitar and Vocals sound great.  It has a nice coffee house sound and it sets a nice relaxing mood.  It’s almost like your playing live.  Reminds me of classic acoustic songs (John Denver ish…)
Where people are kicking back and enjoying music.  This would be good around a camp fire.  Well done Jeff, great songs.

Derek S    11.04.2015

Hi Jeff

I just wanted to take a moment before the holidaze arrives and congratulate you on your first CD and creative writing efforts!
I found myself hearing whispers of that classic folk artist TOM RUSH as well as strains of JAMES TAYLOR in the timbre of your voice!
I hope you are proud of these songs and will continue to pursue this new creative frontier!
As a producer and arranger I of course heard all kinds of additional instrumentation behind some of these songs
but it was refreshing to hear the naked unplugged essence of the material!
Have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for sharing these special songs with me!

STEPHEN P     12.15.2015